Past/future me and self abuse -lp

I am noticing a lot of thoughts hating on myself, like “wtf is wrong with me” “I shouldn’t have done it that way” “I am the worst” “I hate myself” – and it occurred to me that I am both the victim and the perpetrator within my own mind. How wild that our brains do that. I like to think and remind myself that present me is also my past self’s future self. When I think about my future self now in this moment, she for sure doesn’t treat me this way. She has my back.
C: client call
T: omg I’m the worst
F: shame
A: hide, be quiet, cry, second guess myself, not lead,
R: I quit – not evolving myself

C: client call
T: I am awkward and that’s okay because I’m learning how to do this
F: motivated
A: try again, don’t beat myself up
R: moving forward – I’m evolving