Past & future (Nadège)

‘Morning Brooke!
Thank you so much for your previous answer. I’ve heard you ask “why” thousands of time, but it’s a totally different matter when you say it to me. Fascinating.
I’ve loved the March work on belief and I now believe I can achieve my goal. Amazing! However, I’ve noticed time and time again that, day after day, the same thought keeps popping up in my head: I can’t do it because I couldn’t do it in the past. It doesn’t make sense because I was completely different a year ago so of course I couldn’t do it! And yet, the thought’s still there.
What I also find fascinating is that when I started my podcast, I had never ever done it before either. And I felt excited.
C – weight
T – I can’t succeed because I’ve never done it before.
F – defeated
A – I “attempt” to take action
R – nothing changes

C – podcast
T – I’ve never done it before, it must be fun!
F – excited
A – I learn about podcasting, I try it, I fail and I learn from my mistakes
R – I’m having fun while learning
I now know I need to ask “why” for each of my thoughts and I want my weight thought to be more like my podcast thought. Any advice on that? Thank you and have a lovely day!
Nadège, progressing by leaps and bounds in Paris!