Brooke, when I was a teenager my family situation changed dramatically: from huge house, club and traveling to spend few months in a demolition house without windows and doors, and no school. After few years the situation got better, but always with less money than was necessary to eat and live. I got married and my situation changed. Now that I am starting my own business and the money right now depends on the sales, I am feeling so much fear! I am dealing with it because I know it is all in my head: right now we have food and home. Right now we are ok. But next month I don’t know. At night my body pain, and I think it is because the anxiety. I would like to erase those memories of scarcity. Now I see that the word “scar-city” is like living in the place where the scar was made. And that is exactly what I feel, is like living the fear I felt when everything was falling down and I was a child, a victim of the situation. Now I am not a victim, now, thanks god! I am a grown up woman and my situation depends on me. The thing is that right now I am existed from feeling so much vertigo and fear. I practice every day, at the morning, this thought “Now I am not in the past, now is different and I am different than my parents, of course I will make it” I feel so much better! But during the day I move fast and with anxiety. Would you help me with this?