My husband separated from me in September and I am struggling with self-worth since then, my brain over and over presents me the thought 50+-year-old single women are pathetic. That is b/c I tend to think that about other single women, I often felt sorry for them while my husband was still with me. Now I am one of them (I guess Karma is a bitch). I judged them and now I judge me even more

I did another model on it but I am not really making progress
C – Single
T – I am a pathetic 50+-year-old single
F – embarrassed
A – I hide, I stay at home, I don’t show the real me, I judge myself, I don’t tell people that my husband separated from me, I don’t show up for my business, I buffer (with SCS videos)
R – I am a pathetic 50+-year-old single

The R confirms the T, no surprise here. So then I tried an IM with a bridge thought (like Brooke says when we hate our body we can’t go to I love my body, we have to start with I have a body, so my bridge thought is I am a 50+-year-old woman. But then that doesn’t make me feel good, b/c (surprise!) I struggle with being over 50…

C – Single
T – I am a 50+-year-old woman
F – ok??
A – I go out and meet people, I show the real me, I am kind to myself and others, I own that I am a single woman
R – ??

So the issue is that I can’t come up with a feeling other than I’m ok, which tells me that I am not ok. I fight with reality, I am over 50 years old, whether I like it or not, I am single now whether I like it or not… I need some positive (bridge) thoughts to get me to a place where I am ok with it and don’t judge myself and others so harshly.