Patience or Tolerance?

I would like your thoughts on something. My mom has been visiting for a few days. I love her so much. As part of her aging, she is regressing on some things and it is mostly verbal. I tend to point things out to her, gently, to help her become aware. I find I get a tight feeling in my throat when I keep it in and don’t say anything. I wonder if I am trying to be too patient because I love her so much and don’t want to possibly upset her, or tolerant of her behavior. In either way, I then feel guilty about having any feelings other than just love – which in this case I am assuming would be gentle, patient, quiet, kind. Am I being unkind and unloving if I feel impatient?

I want to be able to say what I need to say and NOT feel bad about it – not feel like I am being unloving. Because someone is elderly, do we have to walk on eggshells?