Hi Brooke,
I discovered something interesting about myself. I am realizing my thinking about outcomes has always been geared toward the negative. I do this to avoid disappointment when things don’t workout. If I am positive and it doesn’t work out the disappointment is worse. Whereas if I don’t have a high expectation I won’t be let down. I remember as a child setting this up as a pattern to stay ‘safe’. A kind of reverse therapy.
C. Negative thinking
T. If I think the worst I won’t be dissapointed when it doesn’t workout. Then if it does workout I will be relieved and safe
F. Protective
A. Set up the pattern
R. See only the negative in situations.
C. Negative thinking pattern
T. This pattern no longer serves me.
F. Grown up
A. Work on finding positives in everything
R. See world differently.
After exposing the pattern to myself is this the way to move forward?