Paying for Coach Certification

Hello wonderful coaches!

I am so excited to be starting my coach training in March! Been wanting this for years. I have worked through a lot of fear around the money part of it but am still a little stuck.

I have $9k cash to pay for the first half. I have to finance the rest on a credit card. I just paid off all my credit card debt and am a little freaked out to get back into it. I have enough monthly income to pay for my bills as they are now…not sure about making the minimum payment on an additional $9k.

Right now everything is fine. I am learning a TON about myself in every way by being connected to all the amazing education The Life Coach School provides. Brooke says, “Debt is just numbers on paper. Don’t make it mean more”.


C: $9k in credit card debt
T: I don’t want to go back into debt and struggle to live and pay my bills
F: Freaked out
A: Look at my bank account, figure out what credit card to put the $9k on, journal
R: Stay worried about it all


C: $9k in credit card debt
T: I have gotten through way more challenges than this. No big deal.
F: confident, relaxed
A: Carry on with learning more about my brain
R: The money will come easily to pay off this debt

Maybe I just worked through my fear? : )