paying for others alcohol on a trip

hi Brooke, thanks for all your work. The other day I couldn’t forgive my sister for abusing me and my husband told me to listen to one of your podcasts and he doesn’t even listen to them (and thinks I’m obsessed) which is saying something. I listened to the forgiveness one twice and remembered that forgiving her was about making me feel better. I did a few models and found some thoughts that made me feel better and now I’m in a much better space.
You told me in a previous question to make a decision about going for the interview and I decided to take the challenge and I loved doing all the preparation, being focussed and totally enjoyed the interview. I haven’t heard yet (and I’m still not sure about whether I want to work on different days) but I’m so glad I went for it.
My question today is how do I not have to pay for alcohol on a trip I am going on in a few weeks time. It is with a group of around 12 and I’ve stopped drinking with your program and I just don’t want to pay for it. The trip is for around 6 nights. Some nights will be in pubs and some in restaurants. I can’t find a thought that is appropriate especially when I have drunk alcohol in the past.
c the restaurant bill will be divided
t why should I have to pay so much
f resentful
a pay anyway
r trip abit spoilt
what can I do? What has your experience been around this. I don’t want to be the annoying one but I’m also kind of wanting to release others from drinking anyway because they have to pay for it. (I also loved Jason Vale’s book you recommended but he doesn’t really help in actually how to stop).