Paying, paying, paying!

I just bought my first flat and instead of feeling happy, I’m just there, feeling anxious about all that money that I’ve been saving for 15 years not showing on my account statement.
And money continues to fly away: notary costs, co-property charges, tax 1, tax 2, tax 3… I suddenly have the feeling that I didn’t make the right choice. I lost sleep over it, I feel this knot in the stomach, I’m not feeling good.
It’s like too much of a risk than I can stand.
Here’s a model…but it’s like my mind don’t want to calm down in any way, maybe could you help put things into perspective:
C: I bought a flat
T: that money that I saved with so much care…I can’t stand not having it anymore, especially because of taxes and other administrative costs
A: can’t sleep, knot in the stomach, lost my confidence in my ability to save and invest in the future
R: I am not celebrating this project made true that I’ve been preparing with enthusiasm for 6 months