Paying with attention and energy

My responses from ask a coach lately are wildly helpful!! Thank you.

I asked a Q and the person put in my R line on a different topic that “I’ve been paying with my time and attention since 2016”

And that hit me hard as that is exactly what I want to clean/clear up on this other topic.

I had a tryst w/ a man and a lot of bullshit came out of it or was in the ending. And I have this emotional stuff still there… I just don’t want to think about it. A lot of it is me feeling mike a fool, or embarrassed or his words or opinions ringing in my ears. When I wake up sometimes my mind is there.
I did 2 pages of tdl today before asking and I do tdls on it…..

My Q is about how to clean this up or do what? i meed to do so my mind can find some peace with this? Do I keep doing tdls ? What else? I have made progress – and its a lot less than in the past but I don’t want to give this my mind and good energy and attn.

Thank you!