Peace and Love are Contagious

Good, Good Morning, Brooke,

I just had a large family gathering at my home which I was very anxious about. It came on the heels of the Self Coaching Masterclass so I had lots of tools to manage my mind coming in to it. I was still anxious as it approached though. I planned ahead to feel peaceful and loving/loved and practiced in advance thoughts creating those emotions. My brain was sure it would all still tank, everyone would get mad, my new beautiful home would get trashed, people would storm off to the airport and leave, just the general “That’s a really bad idea.” None of that would have unusual or unexpected from my family.

And? Freaking miraculous, amazing, peaceful, loving fun week. Everyone was so happy and helpful and we had an unpredicted beautiful snow storm. All stunning.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


P.S. – Now I am home alone with my brain and it’s back to its old antics. It’s clear today how badly my brain needs to be working toward a big goal or project. I’m so glad coaching training is in my future.