Peanut Butter and Jelly Meltdown

So I am just getting started with the stop overeating and self-coaching work in May. I am already noticing that I am starting to think about things differently. I decided that while I worked through the Stop Overeating workbook and videos I would move to an 8 hour eating window (10AM-6PM) and also cut out sugar and flour as much as possible. My plan is to cut them out entirely when I write my protocol. So the last few days have not been so bad and then this morning wham. I got up at 7AM with my hubby who proceeded to make his usual morning breakfast, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was already hungry and watching him eat that sandwich brought up all this emotion for me, I was in tears! It was ridiculous. I kept telling myself that I could have a sandwich if I wanted one and that I had to decide what was most important, being healthy or giving in to my cravings. Funny thing is I am not sure I really wanted the sandwich, I think it was the idea that I was denying myself that I was struggling with. Denying the hunger, denying the craving, etc. I tried to sit down and use the model to work it out and just hit a major roadblock. I am committed to this process and to getting healthy and I know I have emotion work to do. Just looking for direction on how to move past this. Thanks! K