People are tiring part 2.

So I coached myself a little more on this since I was finding myself thinking I want to hang out with my boyfriend but at the same time I want to be alone cuz I’m exhausted.
And I was trying to find the feeling so I can really allow it .
So the thought people are just too much didn’t feel like it’s the core. So I started asking myself Why??
Because I’m uncomfortable, because I want to do what I want all the time (and I was living ny myself for a long time now so I have all the freedom to myself), because I don’t want to feel obligated.
Obligated to what/to whom I asked myself.
Obligated to to talk, to be nice and sweet to his roommate, to be helpful, to help, to clean, to support.
When I saw all of that I was like woooah now wonder you can’t enjoy yourself here since you have a very long lost of expectations from yourself in order them to like you.
Where do I go from now? How can I just be?

I’m so grateful for ask a coach you have no idea. Thank you, precious coaches ❤️
P.s . Am I people pleasing again so you would “like me”? Hahaha so tiring.
Why can’t I just let myself be mean
It’s terrifying to me

But seriously, you are life saviours in the moments like this when you are stuck