People are tiring

Circumstance: staying with my boyfriend and his roommate for a week in another city

Thought download:
I want to get away from them
I want to be alone
I need my space
They are drawing the energy out of me
I need to be alone in order to recharge
People are exhausting
I can’t be around them all the time
Even half the time
I need to have a lot of every time hang out with people
People are energy sucking
I don’t have enough energy

I have this belief that people are tiring and they drawn the energy out of me. This is probably cuz I make myself, making it harder for me than it is.
I’ve been perceiving it as a fact lately.
But I wonder is it true? Do I need a lot of time by myself to recharge and restore?
What can I do?

I remember when I would go home to visit my family I can’t stay with them all the time either. They suck all the energy out of me. But I wonder now if that’s my thoughts that’s making me feel this way.
So as a result I am not enjoying time with people and even get angry at them for not leaving me along. Sometimes on the top of that adds up plane as shame such as something is wrong with me, why can’t I be like everyone else.

Let’s look at my model.
C people
T People are exciting and tiring
F: exhausted
A: try to get away from them, not being present, not talking or connecting, reserving my energy so I can survive for a week.
R: keep myself miserable

I create a lot of drama around it and feel super exhausted but thinking people are exhausted! Crazy!
Can you please help me how can I shift this.