People Don’t Care Model

Hi, I’m newer.

My TDL came up with thoughts like “I will be left behind” & “people don’t care” people don’t care seems to be a life thought.

C: Life
T: I will get left behind
F: fear, panic, exclusion, aloneness, isolation
A: buffering, spinning in thoughts, inaction, going out when I’d prefer not
R: not progressing on my life

Any revision to my model?

I see how my result reinforces the thoughts, which gets thought again, I can sit with the emotions and locate them in my body, I would like the new thought “I am making progress.”

Am I going about this best? Anything else to do? Do I just practice the new thought throughout the day?

2nd model:
C: people
T: people don’t care
F: alone, resignation, defeated, tired,
A: commiserating, finding examples, less preferred conversation, inaction on my life, buffering, condescending or defensive towards others, judging others
R: less than ideal relationships, less relationships, less progress on my life, disserving view of world

This is an old thought for me. I saw the feelings, sat with them, I see how its a loop, I’d like to think the thought “People are doing the best they know how to do.”

Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?
Am I missing anything here?
Or what do I do now?

Thank you, thank you