People getting offended on my viral videos on Tik Tok

So recently with much hard work and dedication, my content as a mindset and positivity influencer on Tik Tok is starting to blow up in a way I really wasn’t expecting. Many of my videos are starting to reach view numbers of 50,000 or more out of nowhere, and it feels really good!

One new opportunity for growth I am facing is my triggers around hateful comments. My niche is very about positivity, taking responsibility, and owning yourself and taking action. Anytime I post anything about taking responsibility or changing your thoughts (Thoughts create results), I get quite a few people completely projecting, misinterpreting my message, and outright hating on me completely.

To give an example I received recently: (for context, I get messages like this ALL THE TIME in different ways since the recent attention on the app):

C- person commented “you’re right, from now on I take full responsibility for being beaten as a child”
person commented “Aye bro you all are undermining people that go thru like intense problems”
person commented “this isn’t a good message to send to people who’ve experienced trauma”
person commented “your thoughts don’t create reality who lied to you?”
person commented: “love the victim blaming tho, enlightening”

Thought Download:

“I literally NEVER undermined anyone in my post.”

“People are too sensitive.”

“Here come the victims to try and drain my energy dry to feed their story.”

“Should I just stop posting the phrase ‘take responsibility’.”

“They completely misinterpreted my message.”

“Where in my post did I ever victim blame?”

“Some of these people want to stay stuck and want to bring me down with them,”

I have more thoughts but the more I think about it, the more I am realizing they remind me of how I used to be, and part of me I guess might resent myself for ever “being the victim” so when I’m confronted with other people whom I judge as “energy vampires” like these, I feel frustrated, resentful, and almost a righteous energy.