People Pleasing my Life Coaches

I’ve found myself people pleasing the one-on-one coaches at LCS. What happens is that I want them to believe that what they are saying makes sense for me and I am a willing student and learning and because I don’t want them to feel bad if what they are saying is not helping me and since we only have 20 minutes, I want them to think they are having an impact. Here is my model below:

C: I have a 20 min one-on-one Life Coaching session
T: I don’t want them to think I am a hopeless case that they can’t help
F: Desperate. Eager. Anxious.
A: I tell them that what they are saying makes sense and it’s helping me
R: I don’t get the help I need

I’m trying on different thoughts that might help.

Possible new thoughts:

New Thought: This session is not about the life coach, it’s about me
Counter Thought: What if they get frustrated and think I’m a hopeless case that can’t be helped, then I truly am hopeless and I’ll never change
Counter Counter Thought: That’s only if you make it mean that you are hopeless

New Thought: It’s okay if I don’t vibe with my life coach, not every life coach can help everyone the same way
This one makes me feel calmer…