People Pleasing Office Manager

I had this discussion the other day that reminded me of some work I need to dig through. I’ve been working on not being a people pleaser or liar as you’ve taught me and it’s been really awesome to see how my life opens up when I say yes to things I want and no, thank you to things I don’t want, with friends and family. With work, however, as an Office Manager, my job is to “make people happy” and as I’ve been doing all this work on myself I just can’t agree that it’s my responsibility to make people happy. My manager completely has my back in all situations where I might “make someone upset” by saying no to a request that’s outside of budget. So this is all in my head, yes, but I’m wondering how do I over deliver value in a people pleasing job and not be a lying people pleaser?

I really love my job, my company, my manager. The work is what I’m choosing to do until I launch my own business. I’ve decided to be happy here until it’s my time. I just don’t always think the work of making people super cushy in a tech company aligns with myself.

Any thoughts on bridging this gap?