People pleasing recovery

I have been working hard to manage my thoughts and feeling which lead to people pleasing. I have noticed that most of the people I was so worried would reject me…i don’t really like them.

Or better yet…i don’t like who i am in relationships with them. I am now stopping to ask “do I even like this person?” As opposed to worrying about whether someone will reject me.

I’m a bit concerned bc one of my friendships and a family relationship don’t seem all that friendly now that i am seeing with a new lens. I understand that the goal is to love all of the humans. But do we have to keep relationships once we discover we don’t really care for the way the other person behaves or for the things they say?

How do we extricate from relationships that are not particularly healthy? I don’t want there to be a big break up or blow out, but i also have no desire to continue with things as they are.