People/sister question part 2

Hey Brooke
First, I love you sooo much, thank you for doing this work.

OK, second,
you suggest that if something happens that “gets in the way” of a relationship. I should apologize whether I agree or not, because I want the relationship to move forward?
or because there is a chance she is right, a chance she is not right?

I am cool with anything (lol) I just want to build amazingly healthy, fun, robust, meaningful relationships. I want it SO BADLY!!!!

This is what you said:

“Let her say whatever she says – she’s going to anyway – and you focus on how you are going to think about yourself AND her in order to have the relaationship you want to have.

I think you should agree and love her and yourself always.

Yes, I did cut you off, and I love you and I love myself.

Yes, I did break the glass, and I’m worthy and you’re worthy.”

Many thanks

I get to meet you in February 🙂