People that annoy you

Hi Brooke,
I have a family member that really annoys me. I understand that it is my thoughts about the person. However they do behave in a way that I don’t like. I have just been through your how to feel better material and love the concept of unconditional love, if you hate someone then you get to feel that hate, which is no way helpful to me. I would rather feel love. I understand that I can change my thoughts and feel better/love towards this person. It seems to be easier said than done. I feel like I am saying new thoughts and am not quite believing them. It feels quite false. What would you suggest? I have been trying, ”she is doing the best she can, when she knows better she will do better” and ”sometimes she says annoying things but that is okay.” ”Of course she is like that, that is who she is and that is okay.” ”I am willing to learn to love her”. ”I choose how I get to feel today and I take my power and authority back over my life”

I am thinking as I write this there is part of me that doesn’t want to like her, because of the things she has done. Consciously I think I do want to though as I don’t want to feel negative when I see her. Hmm Any help would be appreciated xx

Also how do you deal with people being abruptly rude to you ?

Thank you xx