People who work at a hospital

Hi Brooke.

My parents and a lot of family believe in being doctors. For the income, for the respect, for the stability in life. I went a different path and my mind comes back to being a doctor. I also happen to work with doctors right now and I see their lifestyle and think “I could have had that.” Or I will see my friends who are single as well and in residencies in these big city hospitals find men/women to date so easily. A collection of brilliant and hard-working people. I want that. So then I went through this whole phase where I too wanted to go to medical school next year but to realize that I want to feel respected, I want to feel intelligent.

I dont think going through 8 years of medical school is the right decision only to feel respected and intelligent. the root cause is feeling that way now. Right?

Model on unintetional thought:
C- doctors
T – they are respected. they are elite. they date one another
F – ashamed. self-conscious
A – i hinder and show up insecure around them
R – more insecurity of who I am

Intentional thought:
C: doctors
T: ?
F: secure. calm
A: show up confident
R: build my authentic life