People’s judgement

Hi there coaches,

I used to drink to numb during my marriage. I am so proud that I have figured this out and for the last 2 months I have not had alcohol at all. Not through will power but by managing my brain.
I have many people who are judging — refusing to see me. I know that I can’t change my past and have said to the people who I have spoken to that I did not have the tools I do now and I know they are looking for evidence.

Let’s get this clear—I know I was not dependent on alcohol but my lower brain sure liked it to solve any discomfort.

Now that I have licked this I know I can take on almost anything except I am struggling with judgement of others. I have post it on my mirror. I am writing and doing the work but the fact I can’t change the Narrative is so difficult.

How do you just let go of caring what others think? I have been trying for 2 months. I have reworked my models. Made it more believable but I need a sentence to say over and over.
Could “they just are confused” or “they don’t know me at all” work?

I need to say this to myself and believe it as this is my work but it is so hurtful.