Perceived unbusinesslike behavior

Hi Coaches —
A friend of mine was hosting a webinar to launch the new version of his software, and he had a great photo of a Bratz doll (or something like that) in the presentation, as a representation of a fancy on-model photo shoot, so I made a silly comment in the chat box (that was going just to his team) about how i loved the “top fashion model” he was using, thinking his team would get it and laugh, and that he’d laugh after the fact (and, ok, I also wanted him to know that I attended…that’s a separate issue…maybe…ok, so there are some validation thoughts here, too…)

But when he got to the Q&A portion of the webinar, he read my comment out loud to the whole audience, without reading it silently first and then laughed slightly and said “oh, haha, Clair…” and I was *mortified*! I feel like I did something very unprofessional during his really serious presentation and potentially knocked him off his topic. (That’s obvi my thought.)
My model:
C – My friend read my comment out loud
T – He’s mad at me
F – anxiety
A – run through all the things he might think about me (I’m stupid, I’m unprofessional, I don’t know how to handle myself in a webinar, I don’t know what I’m doing – all my old thoughts), and feel like emailing him and apologizing (i.e., look for validation that I’m not stupid and unprofessional)
R – I’m mad at me

The other T / R line combo with this model is:
T – He thinks I’m unprofessional
R – I think I’m unprofessional

Gah – how do I get myself out of this? I feel like an ass now. Any suggestions on how to see this so I can let it go? I’m trying to sit with the anxiety and worry and process it, but instead I’m just saying lots of mean things to myself…

Thank you!