Perception is reality

Hey there. I am pretty irked by this phrase that perception is reality. On a metaphysical perspective, I understand this – the way I perceive things is how I create my reality. I’m 100% cool with that.

What I don’t like is when it’s used in a corporate setting. I have a current client that thinks people don’t like her. She is happy with the way she expresses herself, and feels good about the work she does. But she’s fixated on the fact that she thinks others don’t like her, and because “perception is reality,” that she has to change.

I’m not sure how to coach her on this. On one hand, we can work the model on “people don’t like me” or “people should like me”….but she doesn’t WANT to change that thought. She thinks it’s real, because somebody told her perception is reality.

At what point SHOULD she change? And at what point should she just say ‘this is who I am?’

Because honestly, she is probably right! People might not like her. But if that’s who she IS, shouldn’t I support her to be her authentic self? I don’t feel good about coaching a person about ‘how to make people like her’. It doesn’t feel right to me.

Any help is appreciated here. Thanks!