Perception Shift Support

I joined Scholars in Dec. I LOVE how much I’ve been learning. I have even permanently lost 30 pounds and had some huge perceptions shift about my past.

And the August topic has my mind blowing up all over again!

I always thought, when I looked at me or where I am in my life right now, or if anything ever goes “wrong” in my life, that all the changes I wanted to create were because “I am a work in progress,” because I still have things about ME to fix otherwise I’d already have the perfect life. I believed if I succeed then that means I am healed, or finally done/fixed. But if I fail it means I am still broken or damaged.

But, please tell me if I’m understanding this clearly, ALL the changes I’d like to create in my life can come from me ALREADY being complete, and whole and good enough?? That all the changes are from this sense of freedom and fun, simply because it’s enjoyable to keep things interesting and see what’s possible?!


I noticed when I did my intentional model this morning that I still did not believe the thought:
“I am already complete and good enough.”
Like I felt it in my body.
But when I changed it to:
“It’s possible that I am already complete and good enough.”
That one created a lot of positive feelings.
Is it also possible that someday, as I practice this thought, I will fully believe this? It won’t just be “it’s possible” but “yes I am”?
Is it normal humanness to still have negative self-talk, even when I believe in my worth, and I just keep practicing Models?
Like this is my new way of life… knowing my worth, understanding my humanness, doing my Models, then getting to work on all my creations from that yummy place?
Thank you for your help and insight!!