Perfectionist thoughts

I just finished my weekly 1 on 1 coaching call and we dug into the thought “People won’t take me seriously unless I am perfect”. Perfect in my brain being when I’m a serious person who weighs just the right amount and stays at that weight forever, when I’m a person who speaks without flinging their arms around and using too many metaphors, who doesn’t swear and never forgets things. I’m loud & creative and for this reason I always feel like an imposter when making new friends at my kid’s school or when speaking to my board or investors about strategies & developments in my business. On paper I know people take me seriously because they trust me with their friendship, their secrets and their money, but deep down I just don’t feel worthy of these things.

I need to change the thought that ‘people don’t take me seriously’ but I’m not sure where to begin. I’ve tried the thought ‘I don’t need to be perfect to be taken seriously’ but it’s not resonating. Help?