Perimenopause Rage

C Intense rage, hormonal, ongoing whilst on holidays with in laws
T ? They drive me insane
F anger, rage
A avoid them at all costs, walk out of the room if they come in, monosyllabic answers, complain to husband, hide away, focus on the annoying little comments and habits and all their behaviours.
R don’t enjoy holiday? Feel insane with irritation

The rage really is a C, that comes roaring at me with no T that I can identify as a precipitating cause. I’m starting HRT as I’m struggling with all the perimenopausal mood symptoms including unholy and unfounded rage. I find the in laws’ little behaviours such as chronic throat clearing and loud TV so infuriating and prove the thought that they drive me crazy- or my thoughts about them do- and realise it’s just my hormones but I cannot identify a useful intentional T or new model to manage the irritation. This feels out of control and I don’t want to seem rude because of my distance and need to be on my own. It’s unfair on them. I hate that I’m so angry and petty.