Hi Brooke,

I just got back from the OBGYN and am REALLY struggling with processing the feedback. Long story short, I have been having troubles with my period for 2 years since I stopped all forms of birth control (my fiance had a vasectomy so we are good on birth control). I had been doing accupuncture when I lived in Seattle and it seemed to help, but just haven’t taken the time to find something here in LA. I have been reading up on menstrual problems and trying everything from vitamins B, C, D – to Selenium to Magnesium to DIM and Vitex and Progesterone Creme. Things that used to work don’t seem to anymore. My cycle is short (about 22-24 days) and getting shorter, flow is heavy, breasts are SUPER tender, and spotting like crazy. My OBGYN found a very small polyp on my cervix they removed today, but no issues she could find with the ultrasound. What she did tell me is that I may be entering Perimenopause. WHAT. I am 37 (almost 38). I have literally been crying all morning. My mom’s menopause was nasty and hard to watch and I am just not ready for that.

SO I am really struggling to see this C as neutral. My thoughts are all over the board…. how can this be happening, what is wrong with me, I am going to get fat and hot flashes, menopause sucks, I am too young for this, I did this to myself with all that supplementing, etc.

Any advice for how to see this as neutral and move on productively? Laying here crying isn’t helping.