Persistent Thoughts

I’ve used The Model for a while, and now that I”m in Scholars I’m using it every day in relation to the time management work. But – even when I do the “Intentional Model” I notice that the same unhelpful thoughts keep reappearing! The next day, there they are again in the thought download. In relation to time management, they are, “This will never work” “There’s way too many things than will fit on a schedule” “There’s no way I can know how long this will take because I’ve never done it before.” etc.

I’m guessing the answer is to just keep doing the work, and apply self forgiveness when I fall down. But are there any other tips for overcoming these thoughts that just won’t go away no matter how many better-feeling thoughts I try to replace them with? This shows up in many other areas of my life – especially money and my ability to succeed in my business.