Personal Goals vs. Business Goals

Hi! I’m having trouble turning my strengths into a way to add value. It seems like my strengths help others make money. For example I’m working with a trainer and I’m getting fantastic results. My trainer wants to use me as an example because he’s never had anyone achieve results so quickly and be so consistent. He thinks I can inspire others to come work with him. I am happy to help him because I have received such great results while working with him. But I know that a big part of the reason why I’m getting such great results is based on my dedication and commitment and how I’ve been coaching myself during this process.

I am one of the most competitive, committed, dedicated and determined people ever. And when I set a goal that I feel is in my control, I achieve it. I went through The Life Coach School training almost 3 years ago. I absolutely loved it and set the goal to be a coach. I’ve had some clients sporadically over the past few years, but I don’t consider myself a coach because it’s not consistent. I had some difficult clients and I let that make me question whether this was the right career path for me. But I keep coming back to it and know that I could be an amazing coach! I want it so badly, but I’m not following through on making it happen. Setting the goal of being a coach and getting clients seems so different to me than setting a goal to lose a specific amount of weight or to go weight training a certain number of times a week and hitting new personal records. The first way feels so much more out of my control (because it involves buy in from other people) then the other way. Does this make sense? Please help me work this out in my head and move forward towards my dream.

I have been in Scholars since January and have loved every moment of it. I’ve lost 15 lbs, I’m not eating sugar or flour or even drinking coffee. I am weight training 3 times a week and I have more energy than I ever have and feel great! A lot of women who I went through training with are coach instructors now and I get to see them coach through SCS. They are doing amazing and I want to be out there with them!