Personality types and where they go in the model and how they impact the mindset work

dear scholars teachers,

I wonder for quite a while now – since Brooke never talked about it – where personality types go into the model and whether they influence the whole mindset work.

I am an INFJ (Meyers Briggs) which seems to be the rarest personality type that exists.

I – introverted N – intuitive F – feeling J – judging

If I do believe in this T for thoughts is not part of my personality type, but it is for other personality types. This of course doesn’t mean that I am not having thoughts, but it seems to mean that feelings are what guide me more in life.
And for other people it might just be the other way round.

What makes us take decisions, our thoughts or our feelings? I guess your answer is both, but can it be that some people listen more to their thoughts and other more to their feelings?

Anyway, I think this is highly interesting and I would like to know what Brooke thinks how this influences the work with the model and where she would put it.

I put it in the circumstance line and the thoughts line.

You might find my question a little bit weird, but I try to figure this out, because my approach in life to certain things is a little bit different than other peoples.
And sometimes I have all kind of confusion because of it. So it is really important to me.

Thank you.