Personality Types

I am curious about your opinion of personality types. When I was studying coaching we had to study some psychology and personality types and I discovered that as an introvert and sensitive person I am not comfortable with public speaking, being a leader but I have strong desire to help others so despite that knowledge I decided to become a coach. After two years and experience of conducting workshops, personal and online sessions I feel that it is draining my energy. Money barely cover my expenses for business and I start to ask myself weather it is worth the effort. I know that if I keep going after few years it will eventually bring the money but my question is: Am I doing all this against myself? Should I focus on areas which would develop my natural talents?
I brainstormed about how to convert my business to be aligned more with my personality but nothing brings me the feeling that this is it! I hoped this month will bring me some answers and I am closer to quit this business and start something completely new.
I am not afraid of hard work when I believe in something but when my health start to be effected, I can’t sleep, I get sick very often, it is a sign from my body that it is probably not my way. After two years of not listening to it, I feel I must do something. Any thoughts?