I would love some help as I’m feeling stuck around an issue. I was supposed to go on a trip abroad to visit my daughter that I was REALLY looking forward to – it was canceled due to the virus and my daughter is being sent home early from studying abroad due to corona too. I did a thought download and my brain has gone to some dark places around this. These thoughts aren’t useful and I know they are causing the sadness, disappointment and shame, not the circumstance. But it also doesn’t feel right to just try to think positive about this either.

c: trip canceled
t: Stop feeling sorry for yourself – this is a high class problem
f: guilty
a: try to think positive, beat myself up for feeling sad, try to not be sad/disappointed, try to coach myself
r: I feel sorry for myself and feel bad about it

c: trip canceled
t: I don’t deserve the trip
f: ashamed
a: beat myself up, cry, try to snap out of it, totally absorb myself in my drama, want to drink wine
r: I believe myself to be not enough and undeserving

c: trip canceled
t: This is part of the 50/50
f: disappointed
a: feel the feelings, coach myself, reach out for help, call a friend, cry
r: I learn from the experience and experience the ‘bad 50’