Pests in My Home

There have been numerous roaches in my home for several years. I saw one on my bed this morning. I’ve seen more in my living room recently. I’ve had my place fumigated with regular treatments a few years back. The pests returned.

I am not currently able to move right now nor for the foreseeable near future. And I’m aware of the trap in changing the C-line to change emotions.

Thought Download:
-There is an infestation in my home.
-They are everywhere.
-This is disgusting/They are disgusting creatures.
-It’s getting hotter.
-There’s going to be more roaches as summer approaches.
-I just want them to disappear.

I’ve written several models on most of these thoughts. Feelings are overwhelmed, disgusted, helpless, powerless, frustrated. I wrote an intentional model on feeling indifferent about them from the thought: “I share my home with roaches.” Wrote another intentional model on the thought “I don’t see roaches” which produced a feeling of lucky.

I will request the exterminator to return but won’t put my emotional eggs in that basket.

Do you have further insight into this?