Petty jealousy

Hello 🙂

I am currently struggling with thinking of my mom’s relationship with her boyfriend in a way that is not serving my relationship with my mom. I feel DISCARDED and that was the dominant feeling I had yesterday even though I did the self coaching scholars work to feel INTENTIONAL. I was disappointed with myself this morning about not having a more clean feeling yesterday, and to even feel discarded was just a waste of energy to be honest. I kept looping the thoughts “I don’t want him here, She only cares about him, she’s not going to do what she promised me because I don’t matter, I hate that he gets all of her attention, there is no room for me.” Reading the thoughts and listening to February’s podcast on Self-Pity really showed me that I am also pitying myself for not being the center of my mom’s world and also for not being in a relationship myself. Is there a better question that I can ask myself that might create space for me with this? (maybe that is even the question)… Thanks, Brooke!