Philosophical(ish?) question

Hey, hey Brooke!

I know that you’ve said before that physical attraction is indeed a choice. And I totally get that. Makes tons of sense that our thoughts create our feelings when it comes to attraction.

Here’s my Q. There is this video series called “The Science of Sex,” (I believe put out by the discovery channel) and in it, there are some studies done. Participants (separately) all label someone as physical attractive or not physically attractive. In this particular study, the majority of people agreed on a specific person’s “high level” of physical attraction.

How does THAT work? If all of us have individual thoughts which create our feelings, then how does a majority of people apart from each other all believe that one specific person is attractive? (I mean I get how, but I’m just trying to relate this to the model and what you’ve explained so far =) )

It’s kind of a heady question, but like, if most people think (for example) that Brad Pitt is super duper gorgeous, would this just mean that TONS of people are deciding (consciously or unconsciously) to have the same thought about Brad Pitt?

And does that still make physical attraction something that’s created by our thoughts?

I believe this question could be applied to a bunch of different things…but physical attraction is just what came to mind for me.

PS. I love this work. And your ability to be yourself and inspire us to do the same through this work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.