Phone App Issues and Locating Audio Recording Issues

My phone app was working fine at first, now it just gets stuck any time I try to leave the start up page. Is this an issue everyone is experiencing or am I doing something wrong?

When the phone app was working properly for me I added some audios to the my audio section which I was really enjoying. I’ve tried locating them on the SCS website, but I can’t find them anywhere. I remember one was a coach named Martha discussing How to Ask Better Questions or something like that. Another discussed the difference between wanting something and committing to something. Another one referenced an example of the coach (also a real estate agent) driving to different convenience stores and then a bakery when she was in binge mode. Each one had a brief intro by Brooke then switched over to a different coach. There were others as well, just can’t recall more specifics. Can you point me to where these are located on the website?