Physical Attention from husband

My husband doesn’t want sex as much as I do. We don’t have a want match. I feel like he doesn’t want me because I’m always being rejected and he feels bad having to reject me because he doesn’t want it. He says it has nothing to do with me and that he was never very sexual (which I believe). Can you help me not seek that physical validation from him? However, this is a need that nobody else can but him can satisfy because I don’t go looking for it outside the relationship.

C: sex
T: He doesn’t want me.
F: Rejected
A: Beg him more often
R: Pushes him away more

C: sex
T: He doesn’t want to have sex and it has nothing to do with me.
A: stop asking him
R: He doesn’t avoid me and our relationship is better

But how do I get over myself needing him to want me so that I stop pushing him away by begging for him to be physical? I know I need to, but I don’t know how to stop.