Physical attraction like an urge?

Hi Brooke,

I was curious if the idea of urges for sugar/alcohol is the same with a physical attraction to someone?

I’m in a relationship but feel this physical attraction to another man and I have no interest in acting on that at all and I’m honest about it with my partner and we talk about how normal it is to be attracted to other people.

So I’m intellectually curious about this and want your perspective.

I applied the idea of urges to a situation with this guy, where I simply allowed the urge to be there and it started to go away.

So is it the same thing in a way as with sugar/alcohol? Is it just my body/brain wanting a dopamine hit?

I wonder if it’s the same with emotional attractions too? E.g I used to like being around a guy because I felt validated in his presence emotionally – i.e I could be myself – but felt no physical attraction and I didn’t want to date him

Is there such thing as an urge to be validated emotionally? And using the weight loss tools could help with that too? + alongside thought work of course

Thanks! 🙂