Physical illness

I find that when I am physically more feeling well, it’s so much harder to be aware of my feelings and thoughts. In the last few days I have had some brain fog, nausea, body ache and congestion. I’ve been trying to feel the discomfort and have not eaten salteens which have always been a comfort when I feel sick.
I’m struggling to get through this without a downward spiral in my thoughts or eating off protocol.
Unintentional model:
C: I am physically unwell
T: Feeling physically ill sometimes Leads to being triggered, eating off protocol, I need way to feel better. I am not resilient. I am useless when I am sick.
F: anxious
A: binge watching TV to distract myself
R: I feel even more nausea

Intentional model:
C; I am physically unwell
T: I can be uncomfortable, sick and also resilient
F: calm, hopeful
A: Resting
R: Healing as self care

Any feedback on my intentional model?