Physical Pain

I have been working on the Urge Jar, adding those beads as I work on allowing the urges, and planning every bit of food I eat 24 hours ahead. I feel a lot of hope that this is really helping.

In addition to all the emotional urges I have been experiencing pain in hands and shoulders that is going to take awhile to resolve. At first I just gave up, pitied myself, and forgot about the urge jar and everything that went with it. But now I am wondering if I can deal with the physical pain the same way as emotional pain. Primal Brain is still right there telling me to eat whenever I my body hurts, same as when I am having emotions that feel bad. Whenever I wake up at night and can’t sleep, I eat. It doesn’t help the pain at all of course, but I do a lot of eating because I am thinking the I deserve some kind of pleasure since my body hurts and nothing else helps either.

I wonder what your thoughts would be on dealing with this? I am getting medical attention for the pain but it can’t be fixed quickly. In the meantime I do not want to eat my way through this. A lot of people must have chronic pain who do not use food or other substances to get through and I want to be one of those people, not gain 30 lbs during this time.