Physical pain, medicine & resistance

Hi Brooke.
My mind was just blown. I have been listening to some of the interviews from Best Self Magazine’s Best Self Summit going on right now. Today (Thursday) I listened to the interview with Dr. Kelly Brogan who wrote the book A Mind of Your Own. Have you read or listened to that? (I have not, yet!) It is on Audible.

I broke into bullet points a long statement Dr. Brogan said during the interview:
* suffering, pain, grief, discomfort and distress are all bad things
* they are meaningless badness
* what I have come to understand is that everything from a really uncomfortable headache to the death of a partner and everything in between are opportunities to grow and evolve
* tradition has been telling us, and it’s embedded in eastern philosophy since the beginning of time, that suffering is an opportunity for deep growth
* at the edge of your comfort is where you begin to evolve
* this idea has been lost, and I think understandably so, because of the nature of our culture and the sort of capitalistic meanings we apply to things. (I think this was in reference to big pharma)

Her interviewer said:
* Taking the pills, denying the pain, being afraid to be afraid…we are so wound up and resisting, resisting, resisting

I had not ever taken my thoughts that deep relative to my physical fibromyalgia pain and the taking of medicine vs mental pain/anguish and sitting with our feelings. All this time in Scholars I’ve just been thinking that “feeling our feelings” is all about our mental thoughts and feelings and pain and didn’t encompass the physical pain. It never occurred to me. To take it even further…even with all the listening to of Abraham I regularly do, I’ve never connected the taking of medicine for my physical pain as being an act of resistance. Wow. Just wow. I can’t even…wow! 🙀Mind blown.

Your thoughts about the above? So I’ve been wanting to come off medicine for a long time. I have even more motivation now. But as I have a full time job and need to be able to work and not be too distracted by pain, I have fear around doing that.

However I really want to do it. So I’m going to need some coaching from you around this on getting my head in the right place to be able to come off medicine sooner rather than later. To clarify the medicine is not something that I’m taking to maintain certain lab results or numbers but rather merely to be able to tolerate pain.

Is the modelthon a good place for some modeling/coaching on this?
Gracias beautiful!

Mary in Dallas