Physical sensation or emotion? (JH)

Hi Brooke 🙂

I’m struggling with knowing whether I’m experiencing true tiredness or some kind of emotion when going about my day. I’m currently 8 months pregnant, have autoimmune issues that can cause chronic fatigue, and have ADHD (which is usually manageable.) I recognize the danger that these conditions present to my brain in that they give me ample excuses to fall back on when I am faced with something difficult that I “don’t want to do.” Still, I am unsure how to tell the difference between true tiredness and INABILITY to focus/produce, and emotional negativity. I have attempted to do models in moments of “tiredness,” and it seems that my brain just keeps repeating “I’m just so tired,” over and over again. When I try to replace this thought with something that will allow me to feel energy, determination, etc, I find that I have trouble believing them. I even have trouble believing “I’m tired, and that’s okay.”

I am guessing that there is real tiredness going on, but that it is augmented or supplemented by self-pity or something else that is making me give up. What appears to be making it harder is that I’m still doing rather poorly at estimating the time that my tasks will take, as well as planning for interruptions in my week. I’m hoping you can help me find that fine line between the two, or to see another way to get myself to produce the results that I want to produce.

C: I am experiencing sensations of tiredness?
T: I am too tired to focus on or finish this work
F: incapable
A: I don’t finish the work I committed myself to finishing.
R: Missed deadlines and no income.

T: I’m tired, and that’s okay. I can still do all the work I set out for myself to do.
F: ??? skeptical?? This thought rarely feels good for more than five seconds
A: I still don’t finish the work I committed myself to finishing.