Physical Therapist to Life Coaching Business Transitions

As I am transitioning into my dream/purpose, I continue to get anxious with the financial aspects. ( I have student loan debt, a wedding that didn’t happen debt, and moving for the 3rd time since January) I have so much opportunity and value to give in my life coaching career to match with my dreams, however this mindset is not helping me. Scholars has been amazing to give me the comfort with this anxiety and understanding my thoughts around starting this business endeavor. I am so ready to take this on. My anxiety stems from my thoughts – I need to make money.
I am moving tomorrow morning into a space that is familiar, but not my own. I am having to make some decisions to continue to have an income until my business gets up and going. So my dilemma is do I take a part time job (time/effort stickiness as I worked corporate health care for over 13 years) in order to get health insurance, or do I continue to work PRN jobs (inconsistent hours and buy my own health care) Which makes things a bit trickier m to set up scheduled times for my business/clients (ie calendar changing). I realize there are a lot of old money beliefs that need to be fixed from my work on scholars, however what is best to get my focus to build on my purpose/business and keep moving forward. By the way – I am enjoying being uncomfortable albeit scared, but I hope that I don’t feel comfortable again (meaning I’m not pushing forward!!!) This is the best thing to finally head into my passion/business.