Physiology -Sensations- Thoughts- Feelings

My question is related to physical or biochemical circumstances that affect sensations experienced by a person.
When a person notices a change in their life experience, including physical sensations, thoughts and feelings, can those be reversed with the right thoughts?

C- Hypothyroidism and mid-life hormone changes
T- I don’t desire physical intimacy
F- Disappointed
A- Look for solutions (actions to increase libido)
R- The solutions tried don’t make any noticeable change

C- Hypothyroidism and hormone changes
T- I don’t remember important things for work and personal life
F- Inadequate
A- Take steps to simplify life and improve health
R- Quitting job now causes financial concerns and still have memory problems although they are lower in number because of less responsibility

When discussing this in my coaching session the coach used the analogy of having the flu and when we think about how terrible we feel it makes it worse.
Please help me understand how that relates because to recover from the flu one needs rest and fluids etc. There is a real physical problem and generally a person recovers from it over time.

With low thyroid and in mid-life hormone amounts change in a person’s body and they don’t feel as good as they once did. Treatment with supplements, medication, diet etc. have varied results and while trying those things the symptoms (low libido, poor memory) can persist.

At the end of our conversation I understood her to say that I can create my own desire or create a feeling for desire with my thoughts. (We only covered the topic in the first model in the session not the second model.)
So, is it true that I can improve my physiological sensations and feelings with the right kind of thoughts?