Picking a Goal – Which one to choose

Hello, Coaches.

I am not sure how to narrow down to just one goal to set for 30 days. It struck me that I struggle with narrowing my focus on one thing because I tend to multitask. I want to start a business (haven’t done anything yet), I volunteer my time doing things that are meaningful to me which requires my time and energy. I want to go to to the gym or take Yoga but I feel tired after leaving work. I want to de-clutter my space so that I can get ready to move into my fiance’s house and the list goes on… and my thoughts on this is; how do I prioritize it all? When I learned this month was all about “How to Get it Done,” I felt excited that I now get to choose and follow through! Any suggestions on how I can narrow down my goal to one? If I decided that I want to start my coaching business, I’m not certain as to what goal I would set for myself – could a goal be, pick a niche?