Picking a topic to focus on

I know that I need to focus on one subject for the maximum effect in Self Coaching Scholars, but I’m having a bit of trouble choosing.

I first thought I might pick relationships because my relationship with my boyfriend is the most immediately painful topic that I deal with daily, and this has been the case with past relationships as well. Then, I thought maybe I should focus on anxiety, because social anxiety is the most daunting emotion that I think I have to overcome. Then, I thought I might focus on self-confidence because I think that this might be the most important emotion for me to work on considering the ultimate benefits that I would reap from starting this asap.

Of course I intend to work on all 3 eventually, but as a general rule, should I try to pick the most immediately painful, the scariest or the most important area of my life first…?

**side question: If I pick relationships, can I pick my relationship with myself to work on, or is it recommended that I stick to relationships with other people?

(maybe I should work on indecision first, lol)

Thanks for your time!