Picking an “impossible goal”

Hi Brooke,
So I’m having trouble picking my impossible goal – the one I really want to do is lose 100lbs. The thing is – I actually believe its possible – I even have my work from a few months ago where I spent a lot of time planning out how to make it happen. The plan would work … if I executed on it. I can’t quite figure out why I do it for a bit … and then fall off. I have some idea of where I fall off the wagon (social events or when I have busy weekends/can’t plan for week ahead properly) – but this is a pattern for me.
I have a similar approach with all of my SCS work too- I’m very great at listening to podcasts/doing daily work for about 2 weeks… then I just ignore it completely. I know this is my choice and I can’t figure out why I do it since I truly believe the activity is worthwhile. I just tend to be a little “all or nothing” – either I’m doing it perfectly or I just ignore it altogether.

Initially I wanted to ask you if I should avoid making this my impossible goal because I’ve already done a lot of the thought work etc. on previous months and the issue is that I’m not doing it. But as I think of it more, I’m realizing that even though I logically know its possible… somewhere along the line I’m telling myself its impossible FOR ME.

Any tips on how to move forward? Feeling a little stuck and disappointed in myself for not fully diving in!