Picking a niche and working with husband

I loved your behind-the-scenes interview this month!

I currently have a moderately successful online business. My husband does not like his job, and I’d love to bring him home to work with me, but my current niche appeals primarily to women and does not fit his interests at all. So I’ve considered starting another project with him that we would both love to work on. The only problem is we are struggling to come up with something we are both passionate about.

My husband is very outgoing, positive, and a great teacher, so he would be perfect to be the face of the business. I’m a good writer, know all about the tech side of things, and very creative, but something about only being behind the scenes doesn’t feel good to me.

We are staying stuck in indecision trying to pick the right niche — something that will be profitable, will hold our interest over time, and that we would both enjoy. My primary question is are we overthinking it? It feels like an important decision. Do we just pick something and go for it? I don’t want to put a lot of work in and have to change midstream.

We have a blended family (with 10 kids) and a really great marriage because we’ve worked to make it so, despite all the challenges that come with being a blended family. We haven’t done as well blending the kids, but our relationship is important despite how accepting they are of the situation. I considered doing something in that niche — How to keep your marriage strong when you have blended family? Is that specific enough?

I like this idea, but he seems a little ambivalent. Maybe I should give up on the idea of doing something together and just support him in some idea he comes up with.